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Exquisite arrangement of this classic Christmas song.

Bobby Day classic covered by Jackson 5 amongst others, this is an easy arrangement with the Lead vocal sung by soloists or a group of singers.

Stirring arrangement of this classic New Year’s celebration song, complete with poetry and mashup with Helen’s ‘We Got All The Love’! Just sing the Auld Lang Syne section if required.

Big hit for the Housemartins and The Isley Brothers, fun and popular with choir & audience alike.

From the film The Snowman this song brought the audience to tears when Glorious Chorus performed it last Christmas. A classic.

Rousing Christmas hit for The Pogues & Kirsty McCall, all the feistiness is written into this arrangement. Not difficult but helps to know the original for the structure and amount of lyrics!

Winter song in the Sun Cycle. Atmospheric & stilling.

Heartful song honouring the beauty of autumn.

Mystical chant for peace. Domine dapachem domine.