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You can preview Helen’s songs here. Then click the relevant Buy button to add a song’s mp3 & score to your shopping basket. All Helen’s scores are now be available to purchase for £10 each (exc a few ‘shorties’ at £6). There is no longer a need to buy licence to teach the songs – by buying the score you have authorisation to teach it to unlimited numbers of singers. Helen’s score of Saved has been priced separately at £30.

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Song Brief Description Difficulty
E – Easy
M – Moderate
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(£6 – £10)
Ain’t No Man Blues ensemble, animated, tongue-in-cheek. E
All Come Together To Sing Joyful easy song, a camp favourite. E
Angel Love-song from parent to child. E
Angel Gabriel Catchy, upbeat, jazzy Christmas show-stopper. E
Ave Maria Sacred chant to the divine Mother Mary. E
Ave Maria Virginae R’nB/gospel Christmas rocker, impro opportunities. E
Awaken Sing For Water 2009. Sun Cycle Spring. Uplifting! E
Break ‘Em Down Warm-up or audience partic’n song, gospel, v jolly. E
Ceremony Boogie NVPN ‘most uplifting warm-up song’ winner! E
Chanson Anthemic rousing classic celebrating singing. M
Children Of Tomorrow Catchy wake-up about our environment. M
Crowned Love Passionate love song. E
Dream Our Dream Lovely woven ‘shortie’, uplifting and a bit gospel-y in style. M
Earth Blessing Uplifting celebration of our inter-connectedness. M
Everybody Get On Board Funky, enjoyable warm-up song. E
Every Voice Shall Sing Uplifting shortie for warm-ups, audience participation. E
Faith In You Christmas catchy song, pop style. E
Family Beautiful new song calling on us to celebrate what unites us rather than what divides. A song for post-Brexit difficulty. E/M
Fat Cat Satirical send-up of the financial system, theatrical. M
Feel Your Love Passionate love chant – sometimes requested at weddings! M
Field Of Song Bluesy, spiritual/gospel fusion. E
Fiesta Latin-style song written in Spanish, passionate. M
Gaia Tribal gathering song celebrating our link with the land. E
Glorious Chorus/Hosanna Anthem in 2 sections, modern spirituality element. M
Glory Glory An easy and lively song in the classic blues style, layering up part-by-part. E
Goddess Unisong award winning folk song for female trio. M
Heaven Can Wait Modern, funky R&B love song – either solo-led or duet with backing. M
Hold You In Love Heart-felt chant for those we love, a lovely ’slowie’. E
Hmm Yeah, Hallelulia Bluesy, light with impro opportunity. E
Hush Baby Don’t Cry Bluesy lullaby/love song, easy & short. E
Indigo Child Beautiful original song, Helen’s hit of 2017, celebrating the next generation. M
It’s Gotta Be Right Mens ensemble jazz song, love theme, breezy. M
Kingdom Of Love Soul classic, solo-led, big chorus. E
Kyrie Eleison Sacred chant. E
Lay A Little Love Bluesy female ensemble, impro opprtunities. E
Let Freedom Ring Easy, upbeat shortie, peace & unity theme. E
Line-Up! Rousing peace song with sung rap verses. M
Live In Peace Mystical chant for peace. Domine dapachem domine. E
Love Is The Power Anthemic song inspired by the sermon by Rev Michael Curry at the 2018 royal wedding. M
Love Lies Sleeping Dreamy love song, yearning. E
Make Room For Love Gospel-style rousing song, passionate, solos. E
Mama Says Jazzy solo-led showstopper, upbeat, impro opportunities. M
Manna From The Mother Uplifting celebration of our connection to the earth. E
Mojo Brighton Fringe Festival competition winner – tongue-in-cheek shortie. E
Motherland Community choir fave, connecting us with the land. E
No More War Female trio peace song, moving to sing & hear. M
Ola Mama Uplifting song about family. E
One Love Unity song, catchy. E
Praise Your Love Gospel-style love song with impro opportunities. E
Return Heartful song honouring the beauty of autumn. M
Sabali Helen’s lovely multi-layered chant inspired by Amadou & Mariam’s song of the same name E
Saved Helen’s award-winning song! Soul/gospel solo-led catchy rouser, jazzy chorus. M
Shanti Meditative, sacred chant – shanti meaning peace, tranquility in Sanskrit. M
Shine A Light Gospel/spiritual catchy song, impro opportunities. M
Sing To Me ‘Bout Love Helen’s stunning mashup of her original song and John Martyn’s ‘I Don’t Wanna Know’. The original piece can just be used as a stand alone song. M
Slow Train To Heaven Spiritual-style ensemble song, impro opportunities. M
Soldier Martyr Solo-led spiritual style anti-war song, moving to sing & hear. M
Storm Rousing polyphonic song about… a storm! Complete with sound effects. Totally exhilarating. E/M
Stronger Big choir anthem, modern spirituality, peace & unity. M
Stronger Chorus Beautiful ‘shortie’ taken from Helen’s bigger anthem, Stronger. Emotive calling for the power of love to triumph. E
Sugar & Spice Song about slavery, past & present. M
Sun Arise Winter song in the Sun Cycle. Atmospheric & stilling. E
Sun Chant Summer song in the Sun Cycle of songs. Uplifting chant. E
Sunshine, Fire & Rain Heartful fave of Helens. Celebrating the light & shade of love. E
Tender Heart Achingly tender ode to love, loss and hope. A favourite. E
Te Querre (I will love you) An original song in Spanish! Vibrant & passionate with a tango feel. M
Tumblin’ Bluesy song about the yearning for peace. Impro. E
Until We Meet Each Other Again Lovely light, jazzy song, the perfect farewell song. E
Unto This Land Beautiful earth blessing, a hymn of our ‘marriage’ to the earth, inspired by Hafiz. E
Wait For Me Relaxed gospel-style song about love/faith. Solo opport’y. E
We Got All The Love Community choir anthem. Peace, love, everything! E
Weave A Prayer Relaxed vibe, love theme. E
When You Fall Poignant song about love & rescuing. E
Wishing Well 2015 heartfelt song for peace, lovely woven tapestry of a chorus. E


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