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“People often ask me how I write songs, what comes first – lyrics or tune, etc. To be honest, they just drop in, without warning. Unless I’ve been commissioned to write something specific I don’t generally write to order, they just arrive, channelled, in a random kind of way. Sometimes weeks or even months can pass with nothing manifesting, then three will drop in in one week, like buses. The songs here have been written since 2002 when I wrote my first song, Chanson. I try and focus on themes which are universal, or universally accessible, rather than personal stories. I still can’t get my head around asking a room of 40 singers to sing about my personal experiences! I’d rather write about something we all feel or believe in, or feel concerned about. Often songs are inspired by stories I hear in the news. It’s a way to deal with my rage. And other songs are light, frivolous, tongue-in-cheek….Light and shade, different styles, some solo-led, mostly not, some songs have improvisation opportunities. At some point I’ll add my arrangements to this list, but first I need to get the original songs down” Helen Yeomans

Purchasing Song Scores and MP3s

Song scores are listed alphabetically and available to view & purchase at the Scores Shop. Songs are graded according to difficulty. A brief description is also given and a sample of the song available to listen to. Once purchased, download links for a whole song MP3 and a PDF of the score will be emailed to you.

All Helen’s scores are now be available to purchase for £10 each (exc a few ‘shorties’ at £6). There is no longer a need to buy licence to teach the songs – by buying the score you have authorisation to teach it to unlimited numbers of singers.

Completing Your Purchase

Click the red boxes on the Scores Shop page to add song scores & MP3s to your shopping trolley. From the checkout page you can add more items by clicking the Score Shop link to the right of this page. Then follow the instructions at the foot of the checkout page to complete your purchase.

An email will be sent to you with download links for the relevant scores (PDF files) and whole song MP3s. Please remember to download your files straight away as the download links will expire in 72 hours.

Contact Helen if you have any questions, require part MP3 files or if you would like scores posted to you.


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Song Books

Purchase books of printed scores from Helen’s albums and productions at the Song Books shop.

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