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Meditative, sacred chant - shanti meaning peace, tranquility in Sanskrit.

Helen’s stunning mashup of her original song and John Martyn’s ‘I Don’t Wanna Know. The original piece can just be used as a stand alone song.

Anthemic song inspired by the sermon by Rev Michael Curry at the 2018 royal wedding.

Beautiful ‘shortie’ taken from Helen’s bigger anthem, Stronger. Emotive calling for the power of love to triumph.

Beautiful original song, Helen’s hit of 2017, celebrating the next generation.

Beautiful new song calling on us to celebrate what unites us rather than what divides. A song for post-Brexit difficulty.

2015 heartfelt song for peace, lovely woven tapestry of a chorus.

Beautiful earth blessing, a hymn of our ‘marriage’ to the earth, inspired by Hafiz.

Community choir anthem. Peace, love, everything!